I am a danish programmer living in Bangkok.
Read more about me @ rasmus.rummel.dk.

Download my best code

Through the years I have made many reusable programming utilities & components, some not so useful, some fairly useful and even some really great. Here I collect the most interesting reusable coding I have made, please download.

Title Type Description Price
C# utility functions C# Functions Small utility functions that time and time again have proven themselves, eg. recursive ordering of DataTables, recursive FindControl, recursive indent of DropDownList, emailing, tag stripping and so on. Free w. source code
Mail Server Install Script Ubuntu Shell Script Creates a full fledged email server on a fresh Ubuntu server. $5 w. source code
QueryString Utility C# & Javascript Class I use this, let me see .., in all my projects. Free w. source code
Forum & Comments WebControl ASP.NET WebControl A full fledged Forum & Comments control. $248
Rich Text Editor WebControl ASP.NET WebControl A fully embedded Rich Text Editor - no dangling javascript files. Free
Captcha WebControl ASP.NET WebControl Not only does this control work out-of-the-box, I think it may be the most flexible freeware ASP.NET Captcha control in existence. Free
Downgrad PHP Ubuntu Shell Script Downgrading PHP is sometimes necessary to host legacy PHP sites. Free w. source code
Database Command Utility C# Class Tired of setting up Connection, Command and DataAdapter objects - DBCommand is for you : very efficient to use as well as indifferent to whether your data backend is SqlServer, Compact Edition or MySQL. Free w. source code
KVM/QEMU intall commands Ubuntu Shell Script A small command collection for installing KVM/QEMU Virtual Machines with various operating systems - nice to have at hand. Free w. source code