I am a danish programmer living in Bangkok.
Read more about me @ rasmus.rummel.dk.
My Projects - my own projects - yes they are mine.

ASP.NET WebControls Menulab is my collection of menu related ASP.NET WebControls - this site is my greatest joy and my greatest trouble, but I think that among all my projects menulab.com also have the greatest potential.
Visit menulab.com to see the WebControls I am building.
Living in Thailand eventually I started to miss all the good bread & diary in Denmark, so I took up baking hoping to develop it into a semi-professional bakery. Much more challanging than I first had thought, but then again, have you ever started something that turned out to be less difficult than you initial thought.
Visit favouritebaker.com to see how far I have pushed it.
Kitchen bakery & recipies
Backup solutions & scripts for various databases At my main company favouritedesign.com, database backup is not our core business at all, nevertheless our customers often expects us to handle database backup for them now to an extend that we really need to get on top of it. So I have started databasebackup.org which I hope to develop into a hub for database backup scripts & solutions making it easy for our employees and for others like us to meet customers backup needs of various databases in various environments.
Visit databasebackup.org to search or help building a database backup solutions hub.
After we bought our latest house, we needed to buy a new dinner table. The big furniture retailers in Thailand only sells quality below IKEA style, instead you need to find smaller producers, custom builders and attend furniture fairs. After some time I had quite the amount of brochures and contacts so I systemized it and started to build a thai furniture search engine, which within a short long time I will use to find that dinner table.
Visit findthaifurniture.com if you want to find better quality furniture in Thailand and unique designs of many exotic wood choices.
Search Thai Furniture
Backup solutions & scripts for various databases Many years ago I wanted to sell something on the internet (I think it was all the rage back then), for some reasons I don't fully understand myself I chose jewelry of which I did not know anything and started to build my own eCommerce solution from scratch (the worst choice I have ever made). Opposite to what would have been the best thing to do, I kept on and got the whole eCommerce system working.
Visit jewelpit.com if you want to see the result of headless persistence.
For my eCommerce site above I needed to find dropshippers. I collected quite the list and published it in a very raw format and it became if not popular then well visited. I then decided to make the list the basis of a bigger eCommerce resource center, but somehow I screwed it up and I actually got less action on the list after the re-make.
Visit dropshiplist.biz if you are in eCommerce to find resources and share with other eRetailers.
Search Thai Furniture
WebModelling.com - my free web time.

Together with my wife I have an IT company, favouritedesign.com, as of now with 9 employees. While Favourite Design is my primary work engangement, I also try to squeeze in time to explore & build web that interests me - this work is my free web time and I created webmodelling.com to collect my web activity under one hat.

I hope to use still more time @ webmodelling.com and I do hope to earn money on it also so I sometimes read what them web experts, SEO's and other business gurus are writing about it - it seems to span from special knowledge niche solutions over creating new markets all the way to rediculous. Well, I am too old to know what's hot, I have about the same obsolete experience as other aging programmers starting to loose it and like most others out there I am not a genious that would ever invent the next Apple, Google nor Facebook.

I guess I am what you could call a web fiddler - an average guy with a pet web project or two (or many) to nurse hoping it will mount to something someday trying between primary work engangement and family to find time to feed my pets.

As a seasoned programmer and as a web fiddler, I have collected an impressive list of what in my experience is the 3 top obstacles to succeed with a web adventure - I have even ranked them !

  1. Then initial enthusiasm are wearing off, it becomes still more difficult to muster the energy to fight as problems of details piles up mountain like.
  2. Time available may be ridiculous short between primary work engangement and familiy (with smaller kids in the equation, these after hours of free time are gone, just gone).
  3. I get a new idea and it always seems more interesting than the old idea.

All in all I think the typical web fiddler is rarely able to reach the finish line likely leaving a trail of half finished projects behind.

I would love to hear about other web fiddler project trails, challenges, successes and failures - please leave a note in the comments below.

Please let me hear what you think about my projects or even better tell me about you own.

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Hola me gustaria instalar mi propio servidor web en mi casa con enviada y no como usted puede ayudarme con el problema.