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C# Utility Functions

Nov 2012. A collection of small C# utility functions I have written (or copied) and improved on over the years. You are welcome to download and modify and call it your own to any extent you like.

I guess most programmers over time will build up a small library of their own trusted utility functions, I am no different and as other programmers code have found their way into my utility library, I hope some of my code will find its way into other programmers utility libraries - please copy and modify to your liking or even better use the comment section for each function to help improve.

Download C# Utility Functions

Below I list all utility functions included, click on a name for a specific function to read about it and to comment on it :


Please note that each of the above functions have their own comment track (just click on any function name above to read more & comments). On this page, I hope you will suggest new functions to include or comment on the library as a whole.

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